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Quality control – Control & Rework
In Central and Eastern Europe, we provide our clients as standard with short-term product checks, as well as long-term checks in accordance with production requirements. We create work procedures and designations for each order. Regular reporting is a matter of course.

We perform input, intermediate and output checks on individual parts. Checks using shared measuring devices, CSL1, CSL2 and GP12 checks. Checks and tests on the functionality of movement mechanisms, seal tests, measuring of electrical quantities. For our customers we perform minor repairs and alterations to individual parts. These activities include, for example, deburring, trimming and grinding.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to check your products, you’ve come to the right place. Our quality control service provides you with the tools and experience needed to achieve excellent results and obtain your customers’ trust.
Our experienced team can start work within 24 hours.
We have many years’ experience in Control & Reworks.
We work with the largest automakers.
We can handle Control & Rework at your place of business and on our own premises.
We check anything from functional tests on mechanical parts and equipment to electronics and visual car parts.
Practical example:A company that manufactures metal pressings for cars had to introduce output quality control based on a request from its customer.
Solution: Within 24 hours we had set up work procedures, approved the control process and, with a team of our inspectors, started to check and dispatch parts. Our quality engineer helped deal with previous complaints from the end customer regarding our client. Within a few weeks the company could cancel the checks.
Quality control – Camera systems
In cooperation between our engineers and ATEsystem we provide a complete turnkey solution for quality control using camera systems.

We supply a complete solution from an introductory feasibility study to implementation of the control system in your production line. We provide a warranty and subsequent support for the solution.

We now provide SW and AI elements and machine learning for our camera systems. These tools give us completely new solution options.
Practical example 1:A company needed to check cold joints during soldering.
Solution: We implemented a 3D camera system and innovative SW with AI. The company received less complaints and could move four quality inspectors to other work.

Practical example 2:A company needed to check the presence of parts in components.
Solution: We implemented camera and lighting systems on the current production line. The number of complaints markedly fell for the company.
Production outsourcing
We accept from you any parts of production, primarily those where manual work accounts for a marked share. We set up the production process, plan shifts, we’re able to flexibly change the volume of services. We provide and organise our production operators, shift supervisors, engineers and project managers just the way you need them.

This typically concerns packaging, repackaging, assembly of parts, cleaning work, product sorting, dispatch and other tasks. We are asked by companies that lack workers, but also companies that do not want to deal with part of the production or do not have the premises.

You make a call and things start moving, even at the weekend.
All you have to do is call us and we immediately start to deal with your situation. We can also deal with assignments that could seem very complicated or even impossible.

We can handle assembly, completion, repairs and many other activities.
We check parts for cars, finalise leather upholstery, package and dispatch sweet pastries, store cosmetics packages and cover outages in automatic lines. Our people have years of experience in various operations and sectors and can easily adapt to your needs.

We work in our space or on your premises.
At the start we agree where outsourcing will be most effective for both parties. We have our own premises in various places with excellent transport links. Or, if you so desire, we can handle it at your place of business.

We don’t hang about, we’re fast and efficient.
We correctly organise intelligent people, set up processes and fine-tune procedures. Thanks to this, you can fully concentrate on your core business and leave the rest to us.
Organisation and flexible provision of a well-oiled team
No worries about organisation and ensuring own production or part of it
Provision of a well-oiled team within 24 hours
Flexible changes in the volume of work in accordance with your wishes
No administration, worries about workers and their organisation
Practical example:A food producer usually supplies stores with packages with the same flavour. Some foreign supermarket chains, however, want packages with a certain mix of flavours.
Solution: For specific deliveries the food producer always ordered our team and in a few days it efficiently prepared pallets and trucks in accordance with the set requests.
Crisis production assurance
Sometimes in industry we encounter unexpected challenges, which could interfere with the production process and therefore endanger business continuity. This is where crisis production assurance comes into play.

We’re here to offer you a safety net in times of crisis. Machines unexpectedly stop working, several workers fall ill at the same time and you can’t keep up? Our experienced team will arrive within 24 hours. Alternatively, we can carry out the work in our own premises around Prague and in Slovakia. We will take over part of your production operations, our coordinators will set up efficient processes and quickly adapt to your requirements.
Organisation and flexible provision of a well-oiled team
No worries about organisation and ensuring own production or part of it
Provision of a well-oiled team within 24 hours
Option of ending the service within 24 hours
No administrative work with staff
Practical example:A company that manufactures products for the construction industry had an accident on part of a new automatic production line.
Solution: Within a few hours, part of our team had started work, so as not to interrupt production. Within 48 hours, 20 of our workers, under the guidance of our managers, replaced the automatic production line with manual production. In the meanwhile the company dealt with the problems and survived the crisis without more serious trouble.
Interim management
Do you need an experienced person for a few months? We will provide you with a quality engineer, quality production manager or other specialist. Our people have years of experience in their fields and will quickly adapt and implement the necessary changes in a new company. In a short time, they can move your company forward! A contract does not tie your hands, meaning that if you no longer need us, our person will leave within 3 days. Our experienced staff can handle a variety of exceptional situations and training juniors.
The provision of an experienced expert to your company who gets oriented fast and benefits you
Provision of know-how to your company
Gaining experience for your workers
An out-of-the-box view of your company
Flexibility to change the length, extent and intensity of cooperation
Practical example:A company started a project to produce new components for BMW. For the start of production and its fine-tuning it needed to strengthen its quality department, to which it could entrust the project.
Solution: Within a week we provided an experienced quality engineer. Within 6 months he started the project, fine-tuned it and handed it over to his colleagues.
Engineering work and consulting
We provide engineering services for quality management, programming, development of quality control systems and certification audits. Compared to interim management, engineering has a pre-set target task under clearly set conditions and with a designated budget
Practical example:A company from the automobile industry needed to obtain a IATF 16949 certificate, but did not have the necessary know-how and capacity.
Solution: We prepared documentation, introduced necessary measures with the customer, performed training, agreed on an audit and the company obtained the necessary certificate.

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