We know that your career is one of the most important aspects of your life and we are here to help you find a successful and fulfilling job!
Our ambition is to grow, but for this we need great people with whom we will build an even better team. Many of our colleagues and employees have become our good friends and acquaintances and comprise the core of our strong teams and collectives. They have reached high positions with good salaries.
We place great emphasis on the development of our employees, their motivation, education and work in a pleasant environment. For several job offers, we mention the opportunity to grow your career and that’s genuinely the case! Our approach is fair and human, our employees are important to us.
We have interesting job offers in various locations in Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. We are looking for colleagues, but also friends that, with a smile, will share their success and fight for the team.
We get in touch every day online, but we also meet in person. We are always in contact and we are always here when somebody needs advice or help with something. We’re a team, we’re NEWMAN.