About us

We are NEWMAN Automotive Industry, s.r.o. We specialise in services for the automotive industry, engineering and electrical engineering. 

Our main services include:

- Product Quality Control, Repairs of Parts (Control & Rework);
- Interim Management (logistics, quality, production);
- Production Outsourcing;

Our technical and production facilities are located primarily in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, although our employees work on projects throughout Europe, particularly in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary.

Our customers are leading manufacturers of automotive parts and machinery from the Czech Republic, Germany, the USA and Japan. 

Our company holds an ISO 9001:2015 certificate.


Quality Management

Inspection, sorting and modification of parts

For our clients in Central and Eastern Europe we provide standard short-term product inspections as well as long-term inspections according to production requirements. We create workflows and marking for each order. Regular reporting as standard. 

We provide input, in-process and output checks of individual parts. Inspections using with municipal gauges, CSL1, CSL2 and GP12 checks. Functional tests of movable mechanisms, tightness tests, measurement of electrical quantities. 

We carry out minor repairs and make adjustments to individual parts for our customers. These activities include work such as deburring, trimming, grinding and other processes.

Interim Management

Are you moving your production facilities, launching a new project or has an important member of your team fallen ill and you urgently need someone to join your quality department? We will provide you with an experienced specialist for your team through Interim Management.

We especially provide specialists in the positions of Quality Engineer and Quality Manager. All our employees are highly qualified and have at least five years' experience in the field. This means they can provide you with very fast and qualified assistance.

Production Outsourcing

We assemble, package, test and repair products and perform other activities in our premises for customers from the automotive, engineering and other manufacturing industries. You do not need to worry about expanding your production space, hiring new staff or other activities related to expanding your production. We have our own premises, we work with our own employment agency, and we have our own experts from various manufacturing sectors.

Our plants are located in Czech Republic (Červený Újezd - Prague West) and in Slovakia (Nové Zámky).

Location and Contacts


NEWMAN Automotive Industry, s.r.o.
Mařákova 263/3, 160 00 Prague 6, IČO: 07742037

Sales Department for Europe

+420 739 094 404 (Czech, Slovak, English),
+421 949 478 783 (Slovak),
+421 907 224 444 (Hungarian),

HR Department

+421 905 166 398 (Slovak, Hungarian),